The Flatless Tyre

Flatless Tyres

The Flatless tyre system is a foam tube that sits inside the bike tyre and significantly reduces flats. It consists of both air and foam. It acts as a spacer between the tube and the tyre, effectively stopping sharp objects from puncturing the rim, and reduces rim strikes and pinch flats (snakebites), preventing damage to the rim. The Flatless Tyre comes with an inner tube which needs to be filled with air after installation.

Once installed it requires no maintenance, unlike other options such as tubeless and tubeless rim armour.


Step 1

Flatless tyre inners are designed to go inside the tyre. Tyre levers are necessary for insertion. Remove one edge of the tyre and align the valve with the valve opening in the rim and progressing around the edge of the tyre, slide the Flatless tyre inner into the tyre.

Step 2

Ensure that the inner is the correct way around – the part of the Flatless tyre inner with the valve will always be the correct way around. Press the inner back until it is correctly seated in the tyre.

Step 3

Place the edge of the tyre back onto the rim, progressing around the edge of the tyre. Some tyres are tighter than others, and may require longer tyre levers. You may require another person to help you hold the tyre on the rim, as when you progress around the tyre it can sometimes pop out. Once the tyre is fully on the rim, pump up the tyre to the maximum pressure written on the tyre, but being careful not to exceed it. You may at first hear air escaping from your tyre. Do not be alarmed, this is only excess air from inside the tube. You may also hear a series of pops, but this is just the bead moving into place. Decrease the pressure to suit your riding. You may need to increase the pressure after a while, but you should only need to do this once.

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