Flatless Tyres

Flatless Tyres, here to create longer rides with less interruption.

We are Josh and Zak and we started Flatless Tyres in 2020. It all began when Josh was spending weekends mountain biking at the Christchurch Adventure Park and as he started doing bigger jumps and rougher trails, was getting flats regularly. After a long, frustrating and expensive time regularly changing his tyres and trying other options such as tubeless, he thought there had to be a better way so got together with Zak, started designing and came up with Flatless Tyres.

We tested many types of foam as we tried to find the perfect type for the Flatless Tyre. This was fun; we smashed foam, struck it with hammers, stretched it, and smacked it until the foam gave in. We chose only the best foam that did not yield to our abuse.

We developed a foam tube that is to be inserted into the tyre. It acts as a spacer between the tube and the tyre, effectively stopping sharp objects from puncturing the tube, and reduces rim strikes, preventing damage.

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